What's been going on/ YouTube Beauty Guru Review update

Hello my dear readers!


  So there isn't a review today, just a quick catch up on the shenanigans and goings on in my life this past week.

WARNING: If you are sensitive and/or can not deal with injured animals, please skip to the next section..

  As some of you may know that follow me on Twitter and/or are a Facebook friend, you know what's been going on. For the  rest of you, here we go..
 Last Thursday, my dog of 9 years was attacked and fatally wounded by our neighbors dog. Note: our neighbors are family. I will spare the gory details, but needless to say, I thought my poor Blues Clues was dead. I took him from the scene of the attack to my step-father (who is no longer with my mother, but lives on the property...I know..my family tree is a gnarled and somewhat askew) and proceeded to get the rest of my dogs to safety. During that time, Blues Clues in his state of shock, ran off and hid. We searched all day for him and couldn't find him. Lo and behold, the next morning, he was at our back door. I contacted my neighbor and they, at first, agreed to paying the vet bill, as long as we took them to their vet. Well, their vet never called back. So we had to take him to our vet. Now, although I firmly believe that the perp of this attack should be gotten rid of or put to sleep (please don't freak, the animal has tasted blood and will attack again, it's a proven fact) I left that decision to the neighbors. WELL....

After finding that out we were going to have to take our dog to a different vet, the neighbors changed their tune, saying the would only cover a couple hundred dollars, that they can't be sure Blue wasn't hit by a car and their dog found him after; never mind that I saw the attack, as it happened right outside my window. But my word wasn't enough. Meanwhile, I realized my pet's injuries were fatal and he needed to be put to sleep. Side Note: I am a severe asthmatic and have an anxiety disorder, this situation sent me to the hospital via ambulance with a severe asthma attack. Finally took my dog to the vet to have the procedure done. It really was the most humane thing to do. When the vet asked what happened, I lied to him and told him coyotes attacked his, as we live in the country and coyotes WILL come into our yard. I did this so animal control would not take the decision of what to do about the perp out of our neighbors hands. What did I gain from this? Not a damn thing!! The neighbors still refuse to believe their animal did this, called me a liar to my face and now there is a Hatfield and McCoy situation on our road. Our whole immediate family lives on one road.

So there is that...


During all of this, my husband found out he will be taking over a store about 45 miles north of where we live, so this means relocation for us.  Which, in light of recent events, we are not opposed to. Plus, we would really like to get away from the town we live in and kind of start new. So we have been house hunting, which is kind of fun, but exhausting at the same time. Anyone who has been through this knows exactly what I am talking about. Our main problem is we don't know the area very well, and it's hard to know which areas are good, which ones are okay and which ones are OH HELL NO!!

To top it off, my daughter hit puberty..ya know what I'm saying? Her poor brother doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt (Thank you Steel Magnolias)

And then there is that..

On to the Youtube Makeup Beauty Guru Reviews:

First, I want to say that I will review the more popular Gurus at a later time. Most people that watch YouTube makeup tutorials will more than likely have seen the ones I am talking about:

Robert Jones
Wayne Goss
Tanya Burr
MakeUp Geek
It's Judy Time
Lisa Eldridge
Kandee Johnson
Vintage or Tacky
Michelle Phan
Goldie Starling
Makeup by Tiffany D

This is a small list of the really popular gurus. In the YouTube beauty community, these people are household names pretty much. So I really wanted to focus on the ones that are established, but still have a growing audience. (Not that the others don't..but you know what I mean.)

So here is the list of people I will be reviewing, in no particular order, not even alphabetical..

Sarah Victor
Makeup By Ali
Casey Holmes
The Beauty Vault
Beauty Crush
R Pierced Makeup
Samantha Schurman

What I am going to do is try and contact these gurus and see if I can conduct a sort of "interview" by email. As (if) they reply, I will do the review. This will help to show no reflection on popularity or preference. I have a few people on my list that I will contact if any of the above do not respond.

I have about 5 people that are kind of a "backup" if someone doesn't reply. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I must say that I have really enjoyed discovering new gurus based on the suggestions from my twitter friends and facebook friends, and I am looking to discovering more!!

Until next time everyone..

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